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In general:

Kettledrum mostly announces news which is pleasant, nevertheless, not always. If one hits them themselves, one should not try from validity urge to be central always, or something will shout from the rooftops which not always places in a favorable light, - one unpleasantly strikes.


They lash out in the dream on the kettledrum? 1:1 symbol, you also incline in the everyday life to the go-getting selfrepresentation and do not hold a lot from a quiet, secluded life. They are outgoing and are certainly never - but a little bit 'less' would sometimes be 'more'.



  • you has to expect hard strokes of fate, - also: lets suppose a lost process, therefore, one is extremely watchful with possible civil disputs and should rather try to come with his opponent to a comparison,
  • hear: are bothered by exhausting relations,
  • hit: are involved in quarrel and quarrel, - also: one is pointed out to be less thoughtless and haughty.

(European ones).:

  • see: announced a lot of shouting without value,
  • hear: announced news, - with civil disputs and other conflicts one should be watchful and aim at a comparison,
  • hit: one will unpleasantly strike by recklessness and arrogance.


  • hear hitting: you will lose your right,
  • see: you must protect your right,
  • hit: you will seriously have to defend yourself.

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