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In general:

Godfather mostly embodies a dependable person whom one can trust. Sometimes he announces that one must take over a tiresome duty.


Often a parental figure, an assistant in certain predicaments. If we ourselves are the godfather, we should consider whether we should not be a little helpful other towards what could cost, admittedly, not only money, but also overcoming to us. The godfather whom we do not like is the shade in our character which we should eradicate.



  • see: a present,
  • be: you will have bigger issues,
  • become: one will pull up you for unpleasant things to which you cannot make way, however, - new obligations.

(European ones).:

  • be: indicates unexpected expenditures, - a child baptism can announce, - one will take over an obligation which will give some trouble and worries,
  • to one
  • are asked to the godfather: conjugal luck,
  • see: announced expenditures as well as conjugal luck, - one will find help and support in a thing at somebody.
(See also parents, mother, father)

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