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Passport (identity card)

Association: - Freedom of movement, - identity. Question: - Which part of me wants to disclose new rooms?


The passport can be a simple picture for the wish of the dreaming to go on travelling. In general he stands in the dream, however, as a symbol for the wish for change: The dreaming would like to steer his life in a new direction, separate from old views, positions, habits or feelings. The passport as an identity proof can also point to the insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. It is well possible that the dreaming suffers from feelings of guilt. The passport which one sees with own picture in the dream gives the instruction, one should make himself 'ready with trip', because it goes in a more favorable period of life. Often one forgets in the dream the document, stands on the border and is not let pass, - in this case somebody positions itself in the awake life crosswise and makes the existence hard.



  • see and read: make yourselves on compulsive rules calm, - voyages will bring you good success,
  • hold in hands: you plan a trip,
  • lose: you will have to pay attention to your validity,
  • lift: one wants to give you no faith.

(European ones).:

    he is valid
  • as an identity card for the loss of a being close dear person, - one understands above an inevitably become way out,
  • see the own: if a trip tells in,
  • see a foreign one: means difficulties with authorities or worries in connection with the trip of an another,
  • lose the own: the respect with others dwindles,
  • passport check: one will be hindered by higher power in his freedom of movement,


  • see: you will go on a voyage and not return from her any more.
(See also foreign countries, name)

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