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Association: - Solemnity, - festivity. Question: - What is I to be celebrated ready?

In general:

If the dreaming is in his dream on a party, this happens to draw the attention of him to his social abilities or to her absence. Maybe he is rather shy in the everyday life and does not like such meetings so much, but in the dream he enjoys the society of the people on the party, - in the dream he has a distinctive consciousness of that where he belongs.


Every person has sometime in his life the need for festivity. If the dreaming is in his dream on a party, this is a tip to this need. The meeting with other people provides for the fact that a happy mood originates.


At the spiritual level the party in the dream is a tip to missing cheerfulness and to the availability of compulsive seriousness.


(European ones).:

  • take part in one: a favorable omen, - a lot of small success approaches,
  • even the host be: very unfavorable sign, - the better the course of the party, the worse the omen.

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