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Association: - Luxury, - indulge themselves, - balm. Question: - What does a feeling of the satisfaction give to me? Where in my life I strive for more pleasure?

In general:

If the dreaming perceives in his dream the smell of perfume, he is often reminded of certain events. Smells can rouse the most different recollections. Maybe the dreaming must bring on a certain feeling which is connected with this special perfume. Perfume is able also indicates that one tries to varnish own mistakes, but sees through becomes and loses respect. If one gives away it, one can expect a success in the love.


The odoriferous substance circumscribes the will of the dreamer to stand in the awake life in good 'smell'. One be 'pretended' 'sensuous presence' and an erotic track of perfume wants to leave sphere with his special smell. No dream symbol, but a reflexion of the reality and the female basic need to achieve an optimum effect with subtle means. Certain perfumes remind the dreaming maybe of person who were close to him once. Depending on the role which such a person has played in the life of the dreaming his reaction to this smell can be positive or negative. Also with perfumes it is possible, just as with dream figures, that they give an understanding of certain own qualities to the dreaming.


At the spiritual level the perfume in the dream reminds of the fact that the person recognises intuitive information often on account of a certain perfume.



  • perceive: are pleased by honourary honourings, - also: one wants to captivate you with charms, deception,
  • smell the strong: one is put out to female influence which influences the thinking and activities with lasting effect,
  • use: you want to deceive others.

(European ones).:

  • means that every means must be right to distinguish themselves and to bring up,
  • see: you will sit down at somebody in favour, - one tries to varnish his mistakes and weaknesses,
  • shop or put perfume on: one would like to gain the favour of another, however, is not able to cover own mistakes and weaknesses completely,
  • get as a gift or smell: you are deceived, - somebody hides to one compared with something,
  • give away: the advertising around the favour of another will be successful,
  • smell the good: happy events announce themselves, - good sign for occupation and love,
  • perfume own body or clothes: one looks and receives admiration, - also: one tries to deceive others,
  • by smells be almost intoxicating: Desire orgies will affect own mental condition,
  • bury: one loses something what prepares for a joy,
  • break a perfume bottle: the most ardent wishes and hopes will end in a disaster, even if they promise a happy turn,
  • to produce: the business enterprises and connections will be especially happy,
  • perfuming
  • If a young woman her bath, prophesies the passionate luck. If she gets as a gift perfume of a man, expect passionate, nevertheless dangerous sensory joys.
  • smell for men, strong perfume: one is put out to the influence of a female person who will influence to the thinking and action by deception to the disadvantage,


  • by an unsightly action you will come to bad call.
(See also smell, smell)

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