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Most dreams talk from the departure, the least ones begin with an arrival. One leaves behind a period of life, hopes for rest and personal balance in the aim. The arrival points just as the departure to a new beginning, maybe also on a change to the good. One has come unconsciously in an aim and now has to find the way from the hall of the unconscious, the way with our luggage, our won travel experience, the deliberate day. Again it is significant who fetches us or what importantly, at which time of day or nighttime one depended on considering what plans one now after this piece of life journey.



  • of a known personality: Joy,
  • of an unknown person: Frustration,
  • even: big obstacles approach,
  • at home: of all unclear becomes clear, - you lead a happy life and are rescued, - nothing can disturb you more,
  • at the hotel: your searches soon have an end, - you find what you wish and becomes happy.

(European ones).:

  • Being distrustfully if one makes a good offer to you it is not meant honestly. If one accepts it, we have the happy results.
(See also railway, trip)

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