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In general:

If the dreaming hits in his dream on the pope, he meets the part of itself which has developed a code of conduct being based on religious image. Depending on which picture has come along the dreaming as a child of the pope he feels him now in the dream either as gentle or as condemning.


Pope embodies religiousness, in the other sense ethical directives, - the symbol often asks not to be too strictly with itself and other, to forgive for mistake and for weaknesses. The pope appears in the dream often instead of the father or as an embodiment of God. To see itself as a pope, indicates at selfoverestimation.


At the spiritual level the spiritual mentor or higher appears Himself of the dreaming in the dream sometimes than pope.



  • see: you will have a big experience,
  • speak: Honour and honouring of a high personality conceive, - also: your doubts will dwindle,
  • experience himself as a pope: Serious decisions and far ausgreifende arrangements approach. One is called for self-criticism and humility.
  • pope's blessing: your faith has become swaying,
  • pope's crown: the biggest success of your life expects you,
  • pope's choice: You have many friends, but one is real and loyal and stands to your heart next. Search him.

(European ones).:

  • see and do not speak: one is pointed out to slavery, - one will have to bend to the strong will of a ruler,
  • see and speak: if honour promises, joy, luck, - promises forgiveness of a lapse and preservation from his disadvantageous results,
  • be sad looking or annoyed: one is warned about vices or worries,
  • be: now one should carry out a lot of self-criticism and humility which will have far-reaching consequences for the life.


  • speak: Cheerfulness and peace and internally joy,
  • see: you look after religious doubts.
(See also Vatican)

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