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Tank (war device)

Association: - Armour plating, - devastating protection, - mobile menace. Question: - What is dangerous in my kind to express my power?

In general:

The dream of a tank one carries shows that the dreaming argues with his need for self-defence and protection against the aggressions more different, but also with his aggressiveness if it is the vehicle. The dream symbol is a tip that the dreaming in any manner feels threatened. In general a danger is expressed in it.


Often becomes clear just in the dream that one must overcome obstacles and difficulties. The dreaming sometimes manages this only, while he thoughtlessly about that hinwegfährt. The vision of the tank helps him to do this without injuring other people, besides, nevertheless. If tanks roll towards us, we must walk towards the heavy which comes up to us courageously. Who sees himself in the dream as an armoured knight, that should file in the awake life the rough bowl which surrounds his heart.


At this level the tank shows in the dream that the dreaming would like to be with pleasure a 'spiritual' warrior.



  • see: is strong in the soul, then you will be armed against the check of the life, - also: announces worries which have arisen to one from difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • see: if a warning is before enemies, - many difficulties tower up before,
  • carry one: in spite of all hostility one will achieve a striven after aim,
  • see an armored vehicle: before a bad-disposed person one must bring himself in security,
  • go in an armored vehicle: reminded is added to tiresome promises or obligations, because of whom to one, - also forthcoming internal riots in the country.


  • see: you will come to embarrassment.
(See also knight, weapon)

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