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Who carries mules in the dream, has in the awake life an urge to the comfort from which some marital crises or family crisis can originate. If we go in old mules, it is difficult for us in the awake life to break new ground. Most dreamers are ashamed of the mules because they feel them as a token of own inferiority and fear, therefore to come one day henpecked under the mule, - to become pussyfoots.



  • see: Rest and peace attain, a leisurely life lead,
  • of wood: you are man in the house,
  • from leather: you are work-shy and bring it to nothing,
  • from material: your thrift will bring to you luck,
  • have: you will well marry,
  • embroider: Satisfaction,
  • shop: you will be unhappy, because you are controlled by the husband or the wife and finish, finally, the marriage,
  • receive as a present: you make somebody subservient to yourself, - one will soon enter a serious respect which can lead under circumstances to the marriage, - one is married, one should watch out for a side jump,
  • throw after somebody: one will soon get to feel the annoyance of a being close person,
  • throw: you have a big rage on a person, however, dare to say no word,
  • torn ones see or tear themselves: Discrepancies, quarrel and frustration in the marriage,
  • carry: are subjugated by others, - one should not fall under influence under the opinions of his people if he has to make important decisions, and possible criticism face openly, but not modest,
  • worn ones carry: One would wiser do to remain with his old partner, because one has got stuck too much in his old habits, as that one could find the way about the new life.
  • look: you would like to donate peace, however, achieves little success,
  • see themselves with one on the head: more self-confidence would be necessary if one does not want to lose his personality.

(European ones).:

  • testifies from material setting which wants to put advantages before own wishes,
  • see: Not to let get down reminder, - also: Disputes in the family approach,
  • in the store see issued: one does not need to shop and escapes with it many incommodities,
  • shop: one will commit a big stupidity,
  • receive given: if quick engagement or marriage promises for single, - for married: one will have to submit to the will of the spouse,
  • carry: Quarrel in own house, - an ugly domestic scene is to be expected,
  • on the head carry: one requires himself for everybody to the fool, some self-confidence would be urgent,
  • torn ones carry: a respect crisis or marital crisis slowly tapers to a point,
  • worn ones carry: one wants to break out of his respect or marriage, however, there would be wiser to be remained with the old partner, because in a new life one would not manage,
  • wooden mule: one threatens to become power-mad.


  • Dreaming one, he draws new, odoriferous mule, he will donate to arms from his means alms, however, those are stinking because of whose bad smell on grounds of his poor donations come to bad call. The mule protects because the foot, however, this means a farm-hand, distant money and the person to living, - however, continuance and preservation all his one depends on the compassion with the arms, and so welfare or bad smell file report of it.
  • pulls to a coloured mule, his alms will insert more honour according to the tones laid out on top, excluded Yellow, - then this colour means lacking support.
  • Dreaming somebody, his mule have burnt, he will be got covered by the prince concerning his farm-hands and his property with hard punishment, - they have been stolen from him by peeping and Carrying of an enemy, it means plagues and difficulties because of his farm-hands and his wealth.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he draws new mule, he will present according to their firmness his best and closest farm-hands richly. If he sees in the mules damaged places, indicates at his farm-hands. If they press him, he will treat his farm-hands so badly as the shoes press him. If he dreams, his foot has become lame, but it cures him again, becomes the paralysis the danger, the healing the reprehension of his farm-hand register according to the success of the remedial cure.
  • agree: you will sacrifice for other your honour,
  • carry: why you are in your marriage not contently
  • torn ones: is not afraid.
(See also slippers, shoes)

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