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Association: - potential kingdom. Question: - How can I unfold my whole potential?

In general:

Palace stands more different often for swank addiction and craving for administration or for the envy, - one must watch out for it to suffer no damage. Living in the palace can symbolise material possession by which one feels restricted and hindered.


One would like to appear in the better light, because the palace is a house with shining facade. Admittedly, our people in this case see us completely different, maybe even as futile fops or braggarts. In dreams of young people he is too big as a house mostly a number because one is confident during young years easily more than one can really perform. In women's dreams it is pointed with the palace to the longing for the Prince Charming who turns out then often own partner whom one just wishes some prince-like. The palace sometimes also circumscribes that one should put away more place for the spiritual-mental.



  • see: One has the inclination to support his people and feels about them in every manner elated. However, he should consider whether these settings in the long run damage could not bring for him. (21, - 68)
  • in a guest be: one can expect an enjoyable time, had to do itself, however, before immoderateness and greed protects,
  • live in it: to high respect reach, - you will come to favour,
  • own: you have envious person, - warns about excessive selfishness and megalomania, - also: you come to need and misery,
  • receive given: unexpected joy,
  • build: you have too big plans and hopes, - your arrogance brings you to case,
  • see an old unoccupied one: one will lose in the occupation soon to influence,
  • breaks: your hopes were too big, they do not come true, hence, big disappointment,
  • burns: contented, happy life,
  • destroy: Loss in power and respect.


  • an ambivalent omen: If one sees himself as a guest in a palace, a good enjoyable time is to be expected. If one dreams of being an owner of a palace, the symbol warns about excessive selfishness, arrogance and megalomania. The dreaming should use his words not as weapons.

(European ones).:

  • by an instantaneous predicament the arranged dream which always an unsightly awakening follows,
  • see one: if loss of the freedom promises or brings to the dreaming embarrassment, - Li> also admonishes to the modesty,
  • receive given or inherit: one will get in a predicament or bad distress,
  • live in one: in a matter one will experience a bad fall or a bad awakening,
  • operate in one: one will get in a dependence felt oppressive on another,
  • go by one and note his beauty: the views improve and one will attain new dignity,
  • carries out ladies and men with the dancing and talking see or hear: one will attach advantageous connections,
  • Believing a woman from modest relations, they takes part in the festivity and belongs to the same social state, she will make headway by marriage or the generosity of her relatives. This is often a delusive dream for young women, because he is mostly caused by injurious daydreaming of a sluggish mind. The woman should try in future to live on honourable work and to resist deceitful intentions, while she takes to heart the advice of her mother and friends.


  • Dreaming one, he owns a palace in the midst of meadows and a river which flows through this, this face points to his everlasting welfare. If it seems to him, he enters and leaves the palace again, he will turn away from his good faith.
  • build: your arrogance and your vanity will overthrow you in disgrace,
  • live in it: the envious people will surround you,
  • own: you will come by concealed money to restlessness.
(See also facade,