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Lease / tenant

In general:

Lease stands for the dependence on others, - she asks to form more independently the life, to overcome the helplessness.


If one leases something in the dream, one proceeds in the awake life maybe in a dependence for which one must not pay with teaching money. If one searches a tenant or leases himself something, one would like to demand other on his will.



  • take over lease, for arms: you will come to well-to-do relations,
  • take over lease, for well-to-do: you work for other pockets, little money,
  • hand over: your property will decrease,
  • tenant: contented life.

(European ones).:

  • own incapacity, the problems of the life to master, it makes urgently to give up itself to another,
  • take over one: one will feel the dependence on another than oppressive,
  • award one or it deal with a tenant: if abuse of own property or value continuance means by others, - announces all kinds of Scherereien which can be got rid not just like that.


  • see: you will come to prosperity.

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