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The feeling to have made a little bit wrong. Who must appear in the dream even defendant in court, does well to change his life rhythm to consider how he make amends, his insecurity can put away and form his environmental relations more positively. Of course this motive can also reflect a quarrel with a friend or occupational colleagues. Is accused another, points possibly to a wrong which we have done to another or want to do. If one accuses somebody, one is undecided and does not know surely how one should decide. One must admit his conflict to himself openly.



  • lead: is not discontented,
  • raise: one has done wrong to you, - letting it to you has not liked and produces the right again,
  • stand under accusation: you know that it was wrong. Try the friendship to restore. It is for you from use.

(European ones).:

  • receive from the office: Worries will disappear,
  • are accused by a person: one is accused to spread a scandal in secret and common kind,
  • raise: Sign of restlessness and discontent, - disputes with the people who are subordinated to you - your dignity is pushed by a high stage down,
  • raise at an authority: deceived hopes.
(See also announcement, Accusing, court, judge)

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