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Just as the dream symbol being lazy and relaxation also points out the dream symbol to cure to the fact that one must do something for himself and particularly for his health. With the dream symbol cure there lies the stress on the physical side of the relaxation. It is a sign for the fact that one should undertake something for his health.
  • health resort concert: The health resort concert reminds us in the dream of the relaxation which lies in the aesthetic pleasure. It is to be seen, on this occasion, to the fact which music is played.
  • health resort shade: The famous health resort shade refers to the fact that erotic sexülle adventures can look curative. Often symbols of this kind appear if one neglects his respect life before nothing but work.
  • health resort park: The health resort park is the place at which one moves aimlessly to recover. It is not necessarily necessary that one moves always specifically. Moreover, he reminds the dreaming of the fact that one finds rest in the nature and especially in the garden. Thus says the vernacular: The way in the garden saves the way to the doctor. With the health resort garden own garden is often meant.



  • make: do not hear on flatterer, they do not mean it honestly.

(European ones).:

  • One is of full joy of life and with good health. One masters the upcoming work with ease.
(See also health resort)

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