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artistic forms


On the right: - The right side expresses male energy of the action and the analysis. On the left: - The left side expresses the female energy of the intuition and the synthesis. On top: - On top is the place of the head and therefore the consciousness, the intellect and the overview. It is the sky in which the patriarchal society settles God. Below: - Below is the place of the ground, the desire and the unconscious. Below we find the earth, for the matriarchal society is divine. Angularly: - The angular forms look manly static and express a purposeful life energy, however, runs not necessarily harmoniously. In dance and pantomime are the sudden one and unexpected movement changes, Staccato in the music accordingly. Around: The round forms look female harmonious and press the need for connection and Synthesis from. In the music and the body movements the round corresponds to the fluent. Spitz: - The sharp forms look aggressive and correspond to the shrill in the music and the aggressive ones Movements. Isolates: - The isolated, single expresses loneliness and also often missing contact with itself. At the level of the movements are this the broken movements and it are the unlinked ones Tones in the music. In this the male archetype of the lonesome hero expresses itself. To groups: - The linked expresses the female archetype which is connected of the synthesis. In the music is often it is the melody and also the song of bearers of the idea of the linked, in the area of the body movement the dance. Rhythmically: - Rhythmically sedate forms, movements and tones are also an expression of the female side in us. Plastically: The sculptural presses in the drawing and other artistic forms of expression the complexes and differentiated from. Flatly: - The flat often hangs together with Eindimensionalitšt. Much-dimensional: - The Vieldimensionale expresses like the sculptural the complexes. Concerning the psyche becomes with this creation referred to their different level. (See also geometrical figures, positions)

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