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A notice in the dream tells, to surrender and to be aware of important changes in the life. Maybe the dreaming must think over his life and get used to the thought that there are areas and things which he should give up. Notice also circumscribes the fear that we could not have made right a little bit. Mostly this fear resolves in the deliberate life in pleasure, - we are anxious in the occupation to make good everything, and become even ge-or are carried. Give notice in terms of a job withdraw a tip is to the fact that the dreaming has accepted the present state of his life. To receive them promises more material security. Also there appear in it the partner problems which can lead to the separation. If one resigns himself to something, resignation originates. It seems in such a way as if the dreaming has reached a point in his life in which he is able of no more other strains with a preserved notice. He has given notice to the life. However, sometimes it can also be an advantage if one submits. If we give notice in the dream even to somebody, points probably to a trust loss.


At this level the notice stands for the examination that one must submit to the inevitable. The dreaming is able, to let go and to give up the fight.


(European ones).:

  • receive: meant a secure future,
  • give: one has no trust to his life companion.

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