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The cuckoo is in the dream a picture for the light warmth and superficiality, the Egozentrik and sexual irresponsibility of the dreaming. This meaning can be derived from the fact that the cuckoo is a bird in natura who lays his eggs in foreign nests and does not look after his brood. A cuckoo in the dream stands maybe also for a stranger who wants himself in the family hineindrängeln, or a foreign and unwelcome element in the emotional life. Old dream books understand him also as a promise of a long life.



  • see: one should also watch out for careless actions,
  • briefly hear: the monetary mailman comes,
  • hear long: long life,
  • catch: existing differences to people cannot be settled easily.

(European ones).:

  • hear shouting: there threaten illness, death or accident of members of the family, - also: in the marriage or affair a misfortune approaches one,
  • see: warns about selfoverestimation and particularly about interference in foreign matters, - one will get to do it with selfish people, - also: so that must calculate that the ruin of a friend puts to the carefree existence a sudden end,
  • catch: one will put to a brainless gossip an end,
  • kill: one will have by interference in foreign matters incommodities.


  • hear shouting: long life,
  • see: Health and luck.
(See also 'birds')

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