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Association: - Celebration, - sometimes reward, sometimes weakness. Question: - Have I earned a reward? Am I able to do myself gehenlassen?


The cake mostly translates the sweetness which promises the life to us. A dream of a holiday cake (for example, wedding cake or birthday cake) makes clear the dreaming that there is a reason for festivities in his life. This can stand with a topical occasion in connection or serve, however, as a tip to the passing by time. Cake has similar meaning like bread, sometimes he warns about big waste. Who gets a piece of it, to that the luck of the love is lovely. Baking and food of a cake mostly point to joy in the interpersonal relations. If the dreaming bakes a cake in his dream, this symbolises his wish to provide for other people or to maintain an internal need. Best of all one asks himself which personal recollections and feelings are connected with the dream of the cake and uses this as a basis for the interpretation.


At the spiritual level the cake stands in the dream for devotion and pleasure ability.


Fine cakes, baked without cheese, indicate good, with cheese, posters and raids, - the cheese points then to this. Sesame and honey cakes bring all luck, particularly to those which carry on a lawsuit, - then honey cake was awarded with the old people as a victory price. (With symposia that received as a price a honey cake which had carried on drinking up to the early morning without falling asleep.) What concerns the remaining baking work which is used in parties and sacrificial celebrations, one meets the interpretation in view of the way of the parties and celebrations. Cake of capers, olives, all kinds of vegetable pies, spice cakes and what it the usually similar gives, has calibrate intentionally aside calmly because they mean obviously nothing good.



  • see or have: Luck and prosperity attain,
  • bake: happy party, friends come,
  • see baking: in the next time have to expect a lot of joy,
  • cut: Marriage disturbance and quarrel,
  • eat: financial profit stands in view,
  • see eating: Gossip in the neighborhood,
  • get as a gift: unexpected visit,
  • large amounts see: one should watch out for pointless expenditures,
  • Eating of a cake, he is got something good what it is wished itself if the Saracen sweet, which one calls Paloudakis fall ill because of whose colours and because it is cooked on fire, and in it measured, whether one a lot or a little of it eaten.

(European ones).:

  • see general: good health, provided, he is of eatable kind,
  • bake: meant luck and wealth, distant satisfaction, - waste,
  • see sweetening: one will soon improve professionally, - also dear problems flourish very well,
  • a single dreams
  • of a double cake: if it indicates him his own marriage,
  • eat: if luck and good living, - meant for men promises a lady visitor, for women a man's visit,
  • pancake: prophesy to a mental satisfaction and the inheritance of a house or a flat,
  • pound cake: if private and professional comfort,
  • promise
  • the young women who see a wedding cake must be caught on everything. To see the cake or to eat is even better, than to bake him himself.


  • bake: Visit expect,
  • cut: do not destroy even your luck,
  • eat: Quarrel and incommodities.
(See also bread,' cake ',' confectioner ',' sweetness ',' cake')

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