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Association: - unexpressed love, - selfdoubt. Question: - What is I to be accepted in myself and other ready?


She plays in visions very often a prominent role. The modern psychology sees in it a mistake which one would like to undo with pleasure. Therefore, the frightened scream in the dream points to an especially heavy mistake whose reparation requires initiative. One of the most important factors of the pre 'worry' (why preparation or even pre-joy) for health and well-being does not exist in the resolution of fears. The psychologists of the most different schools assume from the fact that fears exist with every person: On the one hand as necessary protective counters and protections, on the other hand, as a historical burden of the past. If it is 'normal in this sense that one has certain fears, then that is better equipped which also dreams of own fears! The others which do not dream of her fears have just as many fears - only they have much heavier to work on these fears what is the only method again to lift them and to get rid. The discussion with the fear belongs to the manhood. Nevertheless, clear proofs we do not want to be touched by this fear and edge out them so. What does mean displacement? One understands by displacement in the depth psychology an internal defence, which that what one fears or declines and what does not allow to perceive to one threatened, any more. Displacement is a motivated forgotten. The motivation is stamped of the fact that we would not like to experience states of the fear or in general the listlessness. Because we tend there to edge out our fears, they strike us in the night dream. If I am afraid to express openly my aggressions, I will probably have the dreams in which I am confronted with this aggression. Everything gives what to us fear and what we handle in the awake state so, we hit in the night dream. Such a nightmare can increase up to the nightmare from which we wake sweat-flooded or sometimes even loud. The concept 'Nightmare' comes from 'Albina', the white goddess from whom also the word 'Elf' is derived. The nightmare is also the dream linked with the elves, in which the negative and dangerous aspects which the elves symbolise, climb up. One must confront himself with this fear in the dream and may on no account edge out them, while one says himself that has been only one dream which one forgets best of all as soon as possible. Best of all one exactly looks after the nightmare or nightmare the kind and cause of the fear. If you liked to interpret such a dream - and you should interpret such dreams absolutely, because they show, otherwise, a trend to return always - put to yourselves the following questions: What does fear make to me in this dream? Exactly look the situation fear-giving to you and ask yourselves, where from you know this situation from your everyday life. How do I react to this fear in the dream? To which result does this reaction lead? Which other reaction possibilities would be conceivable? Play through at least in your imagination alternative reaction possibilities. Nevertheless, it is better to plan, to try out the alternative reaction patterns in the awake state. Why do you dream just now this nightmare or nightmare? To most frightening dreams appear just when shortly before the fear-giving was experienced consciously or unconsciously. Go through once again exactly the last days before this dream and note all fear-giving moments. How can you cover this or one of them to your dream? Have you had a comparable dream already before? Try to remember especially whether you have had similar fear-giving dreams in your childhood. If this is the case, try to understand these dreams and you make clear yourselves that your reaction has come under the statute of limitations, so to speak. This means that you do not need these fears which were clear in your childhood and possibly functional nowadays as an adult any more. If you deal with these five questions in detail, should not happen in a reserved, unemotional manner, but you can be touched from the fear and the uncertainty. If you want to confide in a partner or a friend, are able strengthened by whose presence, these fears examine and remind in your imagination these fears bit by bit ', repeat and work through' (see Freud). Nevertheless, then it is indispensable to look at your imagination and at feelings from the distance. Approach, however, straight away reserved to your fears, these will not lead you to her original. Basically you make to yourselves with this technology the fears your ally, while they point you, where from they come. If you have understood this, you can mostly dissolve also these fears. Should this not be possible, nevertheless, against all expectation, you should ask a psychotherapist around the advice which has experience in dealing with dreams. The dreams which release fear are always tips to doubt, insecurity, inhibitions and feelings of guilt or feeling of inferiority. Importantly for the interpretation of such dreams it is by what the fear was released. If a certain nightmare appears as frequent and disturbs the dreaming very much, this points to a serious disturbance which needs of a possibly therapeutic treatment. As soon as you awake from this dream, you should try to analyse this nightmare in the awake state to find out the reason for it. The old Egyptians circumscribed the Angsthaben with the fact that one is not probably quite contented with himself.



  • have: you will complete a little bit triumphantly,
  • are tormented by frightened feelings: one has committed a mistake,
  • are frightened by awful visions: suppressed worries or contrasts to us are given to dangerous appearing people,
  • fear shouting: you will have disagreeable surprises.


  • fear in the dream wants to say you that you must devote yourselves to the solution of your problems with bigger care. However, it is also an expression of really frightening which already accepts the magnitude of the menacing because one handled too carefree with it. The monotony in which shape the fear appears in the dream means them always a request to go more deliberately and more courageously to the solution of problems and to the everyday fight.

(European ones).:

  • have before something: one will overcome his enemies and get closer in spite of many obstacles to his life aim, - the more badly the torture, the greater your success,
  • have before certain things: Difficulties in the household, - a plan will remain fruitless, - any misfortune registers quite certainly,
  • with a young woman means this disappointment and unhappy love,
  • is afraid a young woman before a dog, possibly doubts you a good friend,
  • other move into fear: one will come himself soon to a critical situation or a disappointment approaches.
(See also 'nightmares', 'nightmare' and under the symbols before what one was afraid.)

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