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Association: - intolerable weakness. Question: - In which area do I wish more freedom of movement?


Crutches in the dream symbolise the need of the dreaming for support or that the dreaming himself must support another person. Sometimes they stand also for sexual wishes. If one goes in crutches, one makes headway only slowly. Who must rest in the dream on them, it needs in the awake life maybe to overcome lovesickness or business annoyance. Who sees going somebody in crutches, has looked maybe too much after others and has not followed his own advancement. The dreaming possibly meets other people with limited possibilities with contempt and must put, hence, his thinking anew. If one throws away them, or one smashes them, one can count on the removal of obstacles and problems.


While the person develops his spirituality, his consciousness increases concerning many crutches which he helps himself. This dependence hot alcohol, nicotine, drugs, drugs, compulsive behaviour, or it concerns certain people.



  • see or use: Siechtum or misfortune in the love, - also: you make progress only slowly and need foreign help,
  • shop: you want to help a friend, - success,
  • smash: the need has an end, - a glad time begins.

(European ones).:

  • almost always symbolically for internal insecurity or the acceptance of an auxiliary need with others, - with older women often late sexülle reaction,
  • see: Grief in the love as well as losses in the business, - illness or accident danger, - also: during a personal misfortune receive help,
  • go with it: means that one goes towards to a dubious future, - bad shops or loss tell him or the lover in, - also: one counts with the advancement extensively on others,
  • recover again and without can run: everything becomes good again,
  • throw away: now one is strong enough to master a predicament without support,
  • smash: if brings health,
  • other people with it see: says that one should be anxious of his own advancement, - also: own efforts will not be crowned by success.


  • go with it: you will have to do heavy services and you will have to take up foreign help,
  • go on it: bad shops,
  • smash: Health, good trend of affairs.

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