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Attack / attacker


If the dreaming experiences an attack on his person in the dream, this points to the fact that he is afraid to be threatened by external events or feelings. Unknown impulses or images make the dreaming take a defensive position. If it concerns with the attackers animals, the dreaming is afraid of his own, natural desires, in particular before aggression and sexuality. If the dreaming himself is the attacker, he must defend himself by positive self-printout - he tried apparently, with himself or with others a desire or a feeling to destroy. An attack, an aggressive action and also all the other kinds of use of force means feeling of inferiority and displacement, perhaps, also propelling buildups. Such dreams are to be known as a warning to the dreaming how to develop more self-confidence.


There is the danger of a spiritual or extrasensory menace. One has suppressed his own potential of violence and 'fights itself free - at least in the dream -'. The desperate wish for physical nearness of an unfriendly partner can sometimes also be the trigger for attack dreams. ('At all costs!')



  • protects your honour, - is careful, one wants to damage to you,
  • of something soft: you are too hard to your surroundings, - the dream reminds you to show consideration,
  • of something hard: you will hurt yourself, or somebody will hurt you.

(European ones).:

  • The dream is a warning. They receive wrong information. Are on the alert and prove the facts. Somebody envies one and is reflected, therefore, unfavorably. (See also 'fear', 'power')

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