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A relatively easy dream in which a cross or crucifix (or the symbol of another religion) is the dominating symbol means a clear confirmation or Verdammung, especially if one is religious and devout. An agnostic will hardly dream of such symbols and if, then as a sign for the fact that he still looks in the awake life for any kind of faith. If one becomes in the dream even a victim of a crucifixion, a metaphor is certainly for a process in the awake life in which one becomes because of a thing or a problem 'to the cross hit' or with which one made immoderate concessions, i.e. 'victim brought'.


The crucifixion is for all seafarers of good premeaning, - then the cross exists just as the ship of wood and nails, and the mast of the ship resembles the cross. She also brings to an arm luck, - then the crucified is raised and feeds many birds. The concealed brings to light them because the crucified is visible far away. Damage threatens empires, - then to the cross death condemned are hit in the nude against the wood (Cf. Mattew 27.35) and lose her meat. To an unmarried she prophesies because of the connection the marriage, admittedly, no fruitful one. The same interpretation is valid concerning a friendship and a union. She frees slaves, - then the crucified are to no man a subject. She chases away everybody, however, which want to spend her life in the native country which work on her own clod, and people who fear to be expelled from somewhere and lets them no longer remain in her present place of residence, - then the cross stops from putting the foot on the surface of the earth. If one dreams of hanging in a town on the cross, this means a public office which corresponds to the place where the cross is raised. The philosopher Alexander dreamt, he would be sentenced to death and goes past only by imploring requests to the crucifixion, - because he led a life of the privation, the sense stood to him neither after marriage nor after a community, neither after wealth nor after the other things which are symbolised by the cross. On the next day he got with a Kyniker (follower one of the Sokrat's schoolboy Antisthenes reasonable philosophical direction, they were the proletarians among the antique philosophers. A big number of anecdotes was about them in the circulation, particularly about Diogenes, the best known Kyniker.) in quarrel and got from him a blow with a bat over the head, and it was this what prophesied the soul to him, he will end almost in the wood. Menandros in Greece dreamt, he has been crucified before a temple of Zeus Polieus, - he was chosen the priest of this God and acquired respect and wealth.



  • Dreaming a pauper, he has been crucified, he will become rich attain a rich man with compulsion and punishment even bigger wealth by inheritance.
  • Seeming it one, he would be whipped with Ochsenziemern and then has been crucified, he will receive after the number of the slashes big or low power and govern the people.
  • he will lose
  • Being one to the cross been hit and then again climbing down, his high position and lose his property.
  • Dreaming somebody, he would be crucified and then been burnt, he will be raised and about the people rule, afterwards, however, because of the power of the fire during the war the death find.
  • cross death: your enemies withdraw,

(European ones).:

  • are present: the views get worse, - the plans are ruined shortly before the aim, and one will complain because of exhausted hopes.
(See also 'religious pictures')

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