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Association: - Victim, - grief, - redemption. Question: - What want I to transform?


Cross (crucifixion) belongs to the old symbols and must be interpreted carefully individually. In general it symbolises conflicts and problems of the life in which one matures into a purified personality if one accepts them and processes. The cross divides the world or the sky into four directions. It is in the dream as an order as well as to understand as the oldest entirety symbol. For the purposes of the Christian religion it is also a picture for victim, as well as redemption and is often interpreted as a life station which is decisively for our other way, - it is made to us courage to finish the instantaneous situation. For the non-Christian the meaning of the life (tree) also lies in the cross. The swastika, one calls it also swastika, is from time immemorial a symbol for the solar wheel, it was already known in the Stone Age. Our century it became on account of his broken and falling hooks a sign of the consciousness backward step. If the swastika appears in the dream as a token of the national socialism, this mostly has a devastating meaning. For the exact interpretation are important under the other following accompanying circumstances:
  • cross in the way or on a church, announces positive events if one solves before upcoming problems.
  • cross carry indicates sad events which one must accept.
  • fallen cross promises that one will find a way out from a difficult situation.
  • even on the cross feel admonished to the patience with which one must endure grief and worries.
  • before a cross can kneel register that one before other 'to crosses creep' has to go.
  • cross with flowers should point to family luck.


The cross is a symbol of the unity of extremes, the synthesis and the measure - in him time and space are tied together.



  • see general, - one may hope for help in incriminating life situations, - also: points to grief and worries,
  • in the sky: a big promise is made to you,
  • with flowers see decorated: in happy domestic relations get, - also: happy news brings peace,
  • on a cemetery see: Incommodities experience,
  • in the way: if the coming difficult situation registers, one trusts in his forces, it will be mastered,
  • black with Flor umhangen: a painful death will concern you,
  • fallen down or crooked standing: a happy chance approaches you,
  • lift: you will have to carry heavy,
  • see carry themselves one or carrying: one will soon have to suffer the heavy,
  • on the back carry: one repeats after you the bad,
  • in the neck carry: a high man protects you against danger,
  • kneel before him: your wish will be heard, wedding,
  • pray before him: help is given in a desperate situation unexpectedly you,
  • make: All is well that ends well. Finally, you have luck.

(European ones).:

  • the sign of help and consolation, - grief in the emotional life,
  • as an order: is valid for reward of a good action,
  • with flowers covers / umwunden: Luck and well-being at own home,
  • in the way: a happy message, - also announces a difficult epoch which must be passed,
  • on a tower see: one will have elated thoughts,
  • fallen: you will escape from difficult situation, - means the Vereitelung of starting plans,
  • destroy: one has bad thoughts towards a friend,
  • covers: Death in the family,
  • on his head have: if defamation of character tells in,
  • carry: defamation of character, - brings grief,
  • see carrying: if brings grief and hardship,
  • of a person see carrying: one will be requested to the donation for charity purposes,
  • kneel before it: Baptism,
  • pray before one: one will get in a desperate situation unexpectedly help,
  • with the Savior see: the luck opens soon the heart,
  • see themselves in it: one will endure a heavy grief with a lot of patience,
  • of gold or metal: means a devout wish,
  • cross, the colour in the card game: points to firmness and action, it is associated with power.


  • Dreaming one, he carries a cross in a church or in his house, he will attain from high-ranking and mighty man, maybe even from the emperor, big joy and win over his enemies.
  • Seeming it one, one has taken away to him the cross, he will come to bad distress and be subjugated by his enemy.
  • Having he retrieve the cross, he will throw his grief of himself.
  • Dreaming one, he finds the precious wood of the cross of Christ or gets it, i.e. the whole cross, he will become an emperor and the allerchristlichste ruler.
  • he will attain
  • honoured one the cross at a place known to him, from the emperor Freude and wealth and be called fair.
  • he will direct
  • Transferring to himself one to the place where the cross stands to the emperor a request, - he has come safely there and he has reported his desire, his request will be also heard.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he acquires a new, precious cross, he will generate a son who will hold once the imperial throne.
  • Giving he to his spouse a breast cross, he will say her a frank word, soon generate also descendants with her, - however, this dream of the emperor can come true solely in Augusta.
  • Being at a place where no cross stood one been established, a new head will come shortly after there, - Christians at the place live, a Christian Roman will rule over them, if not, a different-born.
  • see: Illness, grief,
  • fallen: you will get ahead yourself from your bad situation,
  • see covered: Death in the family.
(See also Christ, geometrical figures, signpost)

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