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Cancerous disease

Association: - devastating growth. Question: - Which part of me has got out of control?


The fear of cancer belongs to the basic fears with which the person must argue. If a dream of this illness acts, this refers to the fact that the dreaming with his body is not any more in the harmony. It is unclear whether behind it now and again also the tip to an actual illness can stand which still causes no symptoms, - an investigation can be indicated, in any case. Cancerous disease can point to the fear of illnesses generally and can symbolise at the same time that the dreaming is 'eaten up' by something - as a rule a negative idea or image. The dreaming has possibly worked through his fears already at a rational level, but still unsettled settings and religious positions which incriminating knead stay behind. They are it which can accept the form of the illness Cancer in the dream.


Heavy crises and illnesses often allow the spiritual breakthroughs which could be never reached on other way.


(European ones).:

  • everywhere cancerus ulcers see: if is a bad omen, - with the youth this points to death and underhand companions, with old people on grief and isolation,
  • metastases in the body promise a prominent position as a head of state or on the stage,
  • being suffering from cancer: a dangerous enemy tries to destroy to one the existence.
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