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A symbol stresses to serious masculinity which points by the knots in the throat to 'few clearance to take a deep breath' so on discipline and self-control. Of it a man would like to have to raise with pleasure a little less if him the need to loosen 'to the knots' pursues till the dream. In the women's dream a correctly carried tie often symbolises a predilection for the suitable man's type. - Or the opposite: the fact that it you knot 'the neck' if it deals with typical Krawattenmann - certainly she prefers the jeans and T-shirt types.



  • carry one: one will receive an invitation to which one would have kept with pleasure, unfortunately, must kick on account of unforeseen events,
  • in the hand: you have heavy worries,
  • stain: small wishes will not come true,
  • put on themselves: one wants to take from you the existence,
  • to somebody put on one: one would like to exert more influence on this person.

(European ones).:

  • you will incur debts,
  • get as a gift: one will find a loyal friend,
  • carry a new one: one would like to make by his external impression on somebody which has, however, only interest in the inside,
  • carry an old torn one: one will deal with higher problems which let forget the external life.
(See also clothes)

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