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Association: - Taste, - subtlety. Question: - In which manner do I try to bring more spice in my life?


After C.G.Jung herbs symbolise the healing process. Who searches them or eats, something wants to act for his health to be able to achieve more success thus in the life. In the traditional interpretation it was a misfortune sign to dream of herbs - and to understand as a warning that one should trust in the next time nobody because the 'herbal witch' was also as 'a poisoner' disreputably. Who needed a salutary little herb, was delivered to inscrutable processes which were brought with all kinds of superstitious fears in connection. In the case of doubt one left out the herbs rather, because 'against the devil no herb has grown'.



  • see: a time completely drudgery and difficulties approaches, - also: shortly a sick person is to be looked,
  • eat: an old age is given to you,
  • look: Profit, - also: you plan something secret,
  • find: you have your luck in the hand, undertake something,
  • collect: one will soon have to look after an ill relative,
  • press: you will need remedy, - also: your dear wishes do not come true,
  • odoriferous ones: Vanity,
  • sell: one will soon exert himself for the welfare of the general public,
  • plant: may be glad about a long continuing health.

(European ones).:

  • or vegetables eat: if health and long life promises, - success and profit means in the business,
  • look: one will maintain his or other people health,
  • different ones sort: one will discover something what helps for the general public,
  • press: one will need medicaments,
  • shop in a chemist's shop: one will be called to a sick person to maintain him,
  • balm and other herbs: if professional satisfaction and hearty friendship register,
  • poison herbs: are a warning before enemies,


  • eat: Advantages in all things,
  • look: Illness and grief.

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