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Hinge / fish

Association: - Search for food, - in the subsoil or inside. Question: - What do I hope to catch?


Fishing registers that one is in the mental balance or will soon attain it again. A tip to the fact that one should never lose the patience. In general the fishing stands as a symbol for the search or the striving for recognition, success, superiority or material possession. To the closer interpretation of a hinge dream the objects which are fished are the state of the water and the feelings of the dreaming with the fishing importantly. Who ejects the hinge in the dream, would also like to pull ashore in the awake state 'a little bit' or fish 'somebody' - a quick success, a (popular) person who refuses to go along, however in a subordinate position wants to force (sexually) an ideal partner etc. Or one. A dream which expresses a strong power wish or also sadomasochistic predilections. If something bites in the hinge chopping, a favorable idiom is by view. If one pulls, besides, fish of clear water, the success and luck promises for the next time. The murky, dirty water in which one fishes maybe warns about intrigues and similar dark machinations which one himself applies or in which one can be involved, - then care is right with planned plans. Who fishes, however, on the dry, the wasted precious time with useless stuff.



  • fish in general: strive for some possessions, success or recognition,
  • see fishing rod: one watches out for swindlers and cunning,
  • eject one: one longs for a lifelong companion,
  • angler's string: you do the right thing, this leads to success, endures at your work,
  • fish: waste your time not in a little promising work, - you are worried and impatient, this has no purpose and leads to no success,
  • catch a fish: if promises for any matter success,
  • anglers see: you get a marriage proposal, - somebody waits for you,

(European ones).:

  • see fishing rod: warns about deception, - miss of a plan, - it is better, one calls off an important appointment and shifts him to late, - otherwise, one could make a rash decision which one would regret,
  • see fishing rod in the water: Disappointment with a plan expensive to you,
  • see an angler: They are closer the wealth than expected,
  • an angler throws his hinge at one: Care before swindlers,
  • other (several) see fishing: Opportunity to a good comradeship,
  • eject themselves a hinge: one longs for a lifelong companion,
  • sit in a quiet lake and fish: the mental balance will soon appear again,
  • big fish of clear water: Luck and success in an important matter,
  • wade as an angler through the water and catch many fish: by diligence big wealth acquires.


  • you is loaded to the wedding one of your friends.
(See also fishhook, brook, fish, net, water)

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