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If a dream of a crane on a building site acts, this wants to say the dreaming mostly that he should develop a higher measure in consciousness. He must stronger try to understand the omnipresent or universal effects of his actions. Crane mostly refers to heavy work, a topical load (or also an emotional 'old load') there which one can master not without help. In the negative one feels this matter as 'too hard' and is not confident to get rid of them with own strength. However, in the positive the dreaming is able in addition, in situations in which this is necessary to attain control or prestige to develop his advantage on this way.


At the spiritual level the crane is in the dream for a divine message, for dialogue with the gods and the ability to attain a higher consciousness step.



  • a strong man brings you on a high post.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will find vigorous help, - also at a heavy work: one holds something for lost that is very near,
  • see with the help of a crane or a hoist to some upward winds: if luck promises with enterprises,
  • besides,
  • tears the chain or the rope: thus one should wait with patience for better times.

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