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Association: - passing the life, - a narrow or confidential path. Question: - Which decisions am I ready, public to hit?


Hall symbolises the life which can be bright and happy or dark and unwieldy. If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming stays in a hall, then he is as a rule in a transition stage. The dreaming of a state possibly moves in the next. Maybe the dreaming is not able in a dissatisfied situation, but still to make another decision, than to accept the inevitable. The hall also symbolises the female gender organ and with it a strong erotic need with male dreamers. In women's dreams he indicates the direction in which the life should run. If he is dark, long and without doors, this search will probably continue a little bit.


The dreaming is in a spiritual interstate.



  • you must go your prescribed way.

(European ones).:

  • go along such: one will get quarrel, - for men also longing for sexual experiences,
  • to such go along and find an open door, - for men: the wish for sexual experiences will soon come true,
  • are in a long dark one: one has disagreeable surprises to gewärtigen.


  • long and darkly: laborious work.
(See also hall, way)

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