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Grain circle


One of the newest dream symbols (grain circles are discovered only in the latter time), and it is worth as a tip on - as hopelessly felt - situation which is to be mastered only by help from the outside (and the sudden intervention of a 'higher power'). Body Association: - external form of the internal nature. Question: - Which part is important?


The body as a dream symbol is the effigy of the person with all his qualities, mental interests, symbolises the personality and the kind as one represents himself outwardly and masters the life. In the dream the body often symbolises I. One derives the individual meaning from the living conditions. With a physical lack the unconscious indicates mental and spiritual weak spots. Because himself the person experiences as a baby first of all as 'physical', the body is his first source of information. It can seem that one sees himself or others which are, however, our own simile certain body parts forfeit dahergehen. They have maybe lost a leg. It can seem itself that they have no face, went i.e. for her official personality forfeit. An unmarried woman recognises that her lower body is like a shade that her female existence has been realised not yet. It must become here still a body, accept this her bodily, female being. Headless people appear now and then in the dream. If it does not concern a symbol of the Umgeburt in which the 'head' with his opinions has to disappear for some time, it can be the return of a martyr legend. The dream of an injured or aching body area should be always exactly clarified, because he possibly contains the selfdiagnosis of an illness, even before the doctor can recognise symptoms. For a long time is known that our dreams can give instructions to illnesses, before we consciously recognise that some is not right, and with certainty before illness signs are evident for a doctor. However, one does not fear that every nightmare announces a serious illness! However, if one dreams of the fact that medically something is absent (above all if the dream to itself repeatedly), is time to go to the doctor. Who is contented with his body in the dream, that can build in the awake life on his spiritual strength. If the body resolves in nothing, the psyche does not seem to be healthwise in order. He transfers most psychic and emotional experiences of the person into body feelings. Hence, they are for dreams a rich symbolic spring. If the dreaming does not want to position himself to his feelings on the plane of consciousness, they are often expressed as distorted dream symbols. The different body parts and body areas can have different meanings. For example, the upper part of the body symbolises the connection with the mind and the spiritual shares of the character, while the abdomen stands for desires, instincts and emotional shares of the character.
  • a conflict between upper part of the body and abdomen points to a disturbed harmony between the mental functions and the instinctive behaviour of the dreaming.
  • The head of an adult on a childish body or the head of a child on the body of an adult points to the fact that the dreaming must recognise the difference between ripe thinking and emotions.
  • If the right body side or the right hand in the dream a special role plays, this means that the dreaming should take note of the logical side of his personality.

- The left body side and the left hand, however, make clear that he must realise his intuitive, creative shares. In detail body parts can be interpreted in the dream as follows:

  • anus: The first experience of his power has the child if it attains the control of his excretory organs. In the dream the mind of the dreaming returns to this experience, either to fill up with assurance and to consider self-realisation, or to arm in the matter of suppression and defence. Hence, such a dream symbol refers to childish behaviour or egoism (see also 'excrements').
  • arms: The arms can be used in the dream in many respects. Maybe the dreaming defends himself, or he fights or is held on. Possibly they also serve the expression to passionate engagements.
  • eye: The dreams in which the eyes play a role deal something with observation and critical judgment property. They are associated with enlightenment and wisdom, with protection and stability. In old interpretations of the dream symbol eye they were associated with the strength of the light and the sun-gods. As an Egyptian symbol the eye is also a talisman. The loss of the eyesight shows the lost clarity, and depending on which eye has gone blind it can symbolise the loss of the logic (right eye) as well as the intuition (left eye). If one in the dream his eyesight zurückerlangt, this can point to the return to the innocence and Klarsichtigkeit of a child. The eyes are the windows of the soul, one says. Honest feelings are also given by the eyes. If one dreams of eyes, this can also mean on the one hand that one should look more exactly at his people, on the other hand that one should show more honestly his feelings.
  • leg: Feet and legs always refer to the ground, but also to the locomotion from own strength. If the feet or legs are particularly emphasised in a dream person, the dreamer should look at his ground and ask himself whether he stands on own feet and goes which his bases and basic values are.
  • blood: To dream of blood, symbolises either the acceptance of the dreaming that at a certain level a victim was offered. This produces a connection with the old image, blood contains the life of the mind in any manner, and, hence, poured blood is holy. Or, however, it symbolises because of his connection with the menstruation the renewal of the life. Many people are afraid of blood, and, hence, can signal a dream, in the blood a role plays, the need to come with these fears to the pure one. At the spiritual level the blood in the dream can represent that of Christ (see also 'menstruation').
  • breasts: Here it depends basically on whether it concerns a female or male breast. The female breast often hangs together with the regressive wishes for fusion. On the surface this wish particularly in the man's dream may be sexual. Generally women's breasts point in the dream also to the nearness of the dreaming to his mother and to his wish to be nourished. A dream with this dream symbol can also make the longing of the dreaming perceptible to be again one child free of responsibility. Women on occasion from breasts dream, often look after an unaware wish for a child. The male breast hangs together with strength. We speak of the 'heroic breast'. To dreams women of the male breast, refers also to regressive wishes which are sexual cursorily. Women dream of the man's breast with a big support need. Men dream of the breast if they should show more strength.
  • thumb: The thumb in the dream indicates that to the dreaming is aware how much strength he has. An upwards directed thumb shows favorable energy, a down pointing thumb negative ones.
  • heel: The heel is the part of the body which is very strong at the same time, but is extremely vulnerable.
  • finger: With the fingers and the hand we access, we seize something and thus this dream symbol points to enclosed activities. Of course the gesture of the fingers must be considered whether the finger points, for example, to something or the fingers are closed to the fist.
  • foot: The foot owns extensively the same meaning like the leg. Indeed, the aspect of the ground seems to me here still more stressed than with the dream symbol 'leg'.
  • gender organs: The gender organs refer only cursorily to the sexuality. Behind it the wish for union with his countersexual side or generally with own gender and own sexuality is hidden. Also sexual intercourse in the dream makes clear usually suitable longings or fears. Pluck up courage to admit to yourselves this! If one sees own gender organs in the dream - what seems much more seldom - then one should maintain more deliberately his sexuality.
  • face: It is the expression of the dream face importantly. Know this face
? From which connection and from which time? In you to unknown faces you see your edged out or still unknown qualities.
  • limbs: With our limbs we move in the world out and can treat something, meet etc. So they also symbolise in the dream our ability to cause something in the outside world. Whether it deals now something with the cell memory or with the growth process, in any case, all limbs in the dream can be a symbol for sexuality and for the fears linked with her. Ragged or cut-off limbs show that the dreaming has been torn apart by a person or an event, so to speak. This can require from him to order his life anew and to begin from the front. This vision can sometimes also point to the fact that he is threatened in any manner in the most internal core of his existence.
  • hair: They represent strength and power. The hair is a known sexual symbol. If the dreaming combs the hair in his dream, he tries to dissolve a certainly personal setting. If the hair is cut to him, this is called that he tries to bring order in his life. With the abscission of the hair man or woman like in the myth lose her sexual strength. If the dreaming to another person cuts the hair, this can register that the dreaming puts back in his activities. This refers under circumstances to a sexual respect which is loaded with fears or doubts. The hair can bind. Thus Islamic stories warn over and over again outside the women's hair which stronger binds than thousand contracts. With it the fascination and the seduction is demanded. Concerning the colour of hair works the dream with strong contrasts: The blond people are good, the black-hairy dangerously. Locks can entice the dreamer into a folly and refer to the fool-like. If the dreaming is bald-headed in his dream, he knows around his own intelligence.
  • neck: The neck shows the connection between the body and the head. Feeling and intellect should be connected. By his important function which he owns with the respiration and with the speech he indicates at the freedom need of the dreamers or female dreamers as well as at the ability to express himself and to explain.
  • hand: The hands are one the expression to the strongest parts of the human body, - they symbolise strength and creativity. If the dreaming compares his both hands with each other, or he holds in every one other object, this possibly shows a conflict between his convictions and his feelings. A hand on the breast symbolises submission. A handshake points to union and friendship, to fists clenched hands, however, signal menace. Folded hands express deep calmness or a state of the rest. A hand covering the eyes shows generally shame or gruesome fear, while hands crossed in the wrists express that the dreaming is tied up. An open hand shows justice, and laying on of hands symbolises healing and blessing - particularly if the hand on the nape is put on. Folded up hands are a tip to defencelessness. If the hand lies in the hand of another person, this is a tip to the promise of services. Upraised hands mean adoration, prayer or submission. If the palms are turned after Outside, they bless, and if they are raised to the head, the dreaming should deal carefully with his situation and think about them. Hands wash signalled innocence or rejecting of guilt, while hand struggle symbolises deep grief. A gigantic hand, particularly if it comes of the sky is a tip to the fact that the dreaming is 'particularly chosen. The right hand is the hand of the power, the left hand, however, the passive and receiving ones. Sometimes she can symbolise in the dream deception. The outstretched hands show the desire of the dreaming for something what he does not have. This can be of emotional as well as material nature, in any case, he tries to control other people by his need. Or, however, the dreaming tries to grasp a draught or to seize a possibility which seems to lie beyond his reach or his understanding.
  • skin: In the dream she symbolises the facade which the dreaming builds up for other people. Hard, rough or tough skin signals the 'thick fur' which the dreaming has got and with which he tries to protect himself.
  • heart: It is the centre of the being and represents 'emotional' wisdom instead of intellectual cleverness.
  • throat: She shows that the dreaming is aware of his vulnerability or feels his need for self-printout.
  • chin: It symbolises the self-printout of the dreaming.
  • knee: They are a symbol of the prayer, the recognition and the emotional engagement.
  • head: The head is looked as a main part of the body. He shows power and wisdom because it is the seat of the vitality. If a dream of a head acts, this of the dreaming requires to pay attention very carefully to how he handles with intelligence as well as with folly. If he dreams of a lowered head, these modest requests indicate. A covered head could cover the intelligence of the dreaming or be a signal for the fact that he recognises the superiority of another person. A blow on the head requires from the dreaming that he must think over his actions in a certain situation.
  • liver: The liver embodies irritability and suppressed rage.
  • lung: In the Chinese medicine she symbolises grief and grief. Moreover, she plays an important role at the meeting of decisions. At the spiritual level the lung is the seat of the complacency and the origin of the thoughts about.
  • mouth: He performs official duties of the devouring ones or the conceiving part of the personality. The circumstances in the dream maybe give explanation about the right interpretation. The mouth can sometimes stand also for the female side of the dreaming. The mouth also symbolises the human communication, after Freud he also shows a tip to the labia of the woman. After my experience you should communicate more deliberately if a mouth strikes you in the dream. Moreover, the mouth can symbolise the eroticism.
  • navel: Centring: Egozentrik or way in the middle
?! Mother's connection, Abnablungsprozesse of every kind.
  • nose: In the dream she symbolises curiosity, but also intuition.
  • kidney: It is an organ of the removal, - if it plays a role in the dream, this points to the need for the dreaming to undergo a cleaning.
  • ears: The ears refer to hearing. If you can well listen and itself on others put
? It is also about obedience and the belonging, around understanding and self-image.
  • penis: As a rule he illustrates the setting of the dreaming of sexuality to be penetrated. Besides, it can concern own penis or that of another person.
  • bottom: The 'Allerwerteste', delivers popular terms of abuse and shows above all an important taboo area. Acceptance of the anal and discussion with these other and unknown sides are indicated.
  • ribs: The ribs and especially a rib lets us to the Christian myth of the creation of the woman think. In the figurative sense is expressed with the fact that the man must sacrifice something to be able to combine to the femininity. This voluntary victim is consciousness-pedagogic. - Also symbol of the respiration and her protection. - A 'skeleton' stresses the pure, lifeless or abstract structure.
  • back: If another person the back turns to the dreaming in his dream, he should get to know the more intimate elements of his character. He must confront himself with the thought that him other people - do not want to allow to participate at the present time - in her thought. It just expresses secrecy, opposition or distance. The position possibly shows also a stronger vulnerability of the dreaming by the unexpected. If he himself turns the back in his dream towards a person or object, he repulses with it the special feeling which he just experiences in the dream. You see own back only rare. He refers to your shadow sides. If you meet these in the dream, this is a big luck because the shade does not work now any more hinterrücks.
  • spine: If the spine is especially important in the dream, the dreaming should consider which structures primarily support him in the life. At the intellectual level he should think about how stable his character is.
  • body: If the body is stressed in the dream, pay attention to whether he is shown thickly or thinly. Which relation you own to your body
? How do you feel your body or him or the bodies of the others in the dream?
  • lap: The lap represents the return to the origin. The dreaming has a need for basic security and for protection, or, however, he rejects responsibility. At the spiritual level the lap shows the connection of the dreaming with the big mother or with mother to earth. If he dreams, he would return in the lap, this is a tip to his need to combine again with the passive and tractable side of his being. Maybe needs to the dreaming time for his selfhealing and recovery.
  • shoulders: By virtue of, strength, forefathers and descendants (on the shoulders of somebody stand), something shoulder, themselves prepare and clamp.
  • Unterleib/Magen/Bauch: If the dream seems to turn on these body parts, the dreaming must concentrate upon emotions and suppressed feelings. The belly is the middle of the body, 'holds together head and feet'. Stomachs, palates, digestion, collection of the swallowed. Desire, desire, screening of the genital.
  • urine: His appearance in the dream can often point to the position of the dreaming concerning emotional control. Either he dams up his feelings, or he gives way them. The contact with his urine also grants a good insight into the contact with his sexuality to the dreaming.
  • vagina: Mostly dreams of the vagina something deal with the self-image of the dreaming. In the dream of a woman she stresses her susceptibility. In the dream of a man she points to his need to penetrate physically as well as spiritually.
  • teeth: In the traditional dream interpretation one assumed from the fact that teeth show an aggressive sexuality in the dream. It is more correctly to associate them with the growth process to the sexual maturity. Abusive or loose teeth indicate that to the dreaming is aware that he lives through a form of the crossing which is comparable in the step of the child to the adult or from the adult to age and helplessness. If somebody fears in the dream, to him the teeth could fall out, it is about the fear, be old and not to be desirable any more, around the fear of the growing-up. If a woman dreams of having swallowed teeth, this can conclude by a pregnancy. Teeth are also a tip to the 'bite' and the acerbity. Teeth symbolise vitality, lovers, children or gender organs. Also the predator-like and sensational is to be followed.
  • tongue: In the dream she symbolises the ability of the dreaming to know exactly, when he speak and when he should better be quiet. She can also deal a little bit with how the dreaming understands the information which he wants to transmit to others. Maybe he has the deep convictions of which he would like to inform. Another, more basic explanation connects the tongue in the dream with the queue and the phallus and, hence, in the end, with the sexuality. Moreover, the tongue is a threatening gesture or defensive gesture if you are stuck out ostentatiously. It is not least a symbol of the taste sense and the choice of the personal predilections.


At this level the body in the dream is the physical expression of internal spirituality.



  • injure: Need and desperation in view have, -
  • hurts: you will overwork, -
  • see a thick one or have: Food worries will stay away you, -
  • black: you stand before a heavy illness, -

(European ones).:

  • see: are threatened by invisible enemies, -
  • injure: if lack registers, -
  • injuries in the body see: one will do without something or must renounce something, -
  • see a foreign one naked: in erotic dreams it means dear longing, - in neutral dreams it means that one will make a discovery, -
  • see his own body healthy: one is in very good constitution, -
  • his own see too thickly or ill: real physical causes, or mental charges of those one should escape, -
  • bare his own: one will have to be ashamed to an action, -
  • see a growing one: for men improvement of the social position, - for young women means this pregnancy, - with older women material income approaches, - with young girls secret love will appear.


  • The human body is a good omen even if he looks unsightly or even shapeless. The female body promises respect and secure social position, the male financial impetus, the childish improvement in dear problems. In general the picture wants to lead there the dreaming to a life close to nature in every manner.


  • to own: you can feel happy, -
  • get thin: you can speak of luck, it could also have failed, -
  • wash: you should be penitent what you have done.
(See body parts also single under the names)

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