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Grain field


A symbol for a life-work, a long-term process whose single areas are anew ordered over and over again '' have to do. Because the grain is a sign of growth and maturity, a whole field of it promises an exceedingly happy development of your life. They seem to be to themselves also about that in the clear that not luck, but your hard work will bring the success. However, their dream can also refer to the 'bed in the grain field', then he has made happy you with a recollection of a romantic love affair.



  • see: Luck in the love have.

(European ones).:

  • see: Success in the love, luck and profit in the business, - use and success,
  • surging grain fields: stand for a secured future.


  • Bringing one to the emperor chopped ears of the grain field, namely from his own, his subjects hingeopfert and according to the amount of the ears will be led away as prisoners away from home, are the ears of foreign fields, he will agree according to their amount of prisoners from foreign Völkerschaften.
  • Dreaming a religious and devout person, he owns a wheat field which does not carry, he interprets it as a personal lack of good works, - an easy man will soon carry his hopes which he looks after to grave.
  • a barley field or the Ausdreschen of barley prophesies wealth and body strength.
  • Harvesting of a lot of wheats, he will come by protracted work to property because the ready of bread costs a lot of trouble.
  • wheat flour promises wealth which is more considerable than to which, the wheat, barley and bread promise, - then the bread is less favorable in the interpretation because it must be baked only in the fire.
(See also field, harvest, barley, grain, sowing, wheat)

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