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Grain (grain)


A fertility symbol, this allows to grow and mature. Grain stands also for the experiences and maturation of the personality as a wage for disappointments and other grief. Partly it also indicates material profit by hard work.


The ordering of the field is for marrying and for childless of good premeaning, - the arable land means nothing else than the woman, the seeds and the plants the children namely to wheat the sons and barley the daughters, it indicates legumes, however, miscarriages, - to all remaining people strain and hardship. If one looks that the grain harvest is carried out at an inopportune moment, all our actions and enterprises move to the same time and the same season.



  • see: Wealth and abundance attain,
  • see standing on the field: Blessing and prospering, - wealth,
  • sow: you may hope for a good future, - also: if success promises in the occupation if one acts well-considered, - plans and intentions will slowly accept shape and nice success entgegenreifen,
  • see cutting: to happy events go towards, - you have view of success, - profit,
  • cut and bind: kerbs your avarice, she damages your respect, - also: one will hurt you very much,
  • drive: Blessing and health,
  • see driving: Luck in the family experience,
  • see threshing or thresh: you will happily complete a heavy work, - also: if you overcome the difficulties by own strength, great success,
  • comes
  • get as a gift: Prosperity galore attain,
  • touch: Illness,
  • are destroyed by rain, hail, snow: the success in professional things will still keep waiting some time, - also: you stand before a heavy time,
  • the spoilt: heavy work,
  • eat: widely unconcerned life,
  • grain almond: the future is protected,

(European ones).:

  • sow: a positive sign for professional success,
  • see: meant abundance if one sees it in large quantities, poverty and lack with tiny amounts,
  • a rich harvest in the field: if means wealth,
  • cut, mow, bind and introduce: Joy and luck, - the worries come to an end, - perhaps, a financial profit,
  • in a barn see stored: Prosperity,
  • deal with a grain trader: if means favorable execution of business matters.


  • sow: for empires it means good, for arms it means bad person,
  • cut: Abundance and wealth will make you very much arrogant,
  • see: heavy work approaches you.
(See also field, farmer, harvest, grain, grain field, state)

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