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medicine wheel:

Key words: Sea, - life, - house, - blockade, - deposition protection. Description: Corals form from depositions of the hard skeletal haste of small sea animals, - extensively they exist of the calcium carbonate which becomes hard with the time. Generally corals are red or knows, although they can be sometimes also black. Earlier one thought that corals protected against illnesses, also before insanities. General meaning: A part of your emotional body which can have atrophied, - blockades, - depositions, - knowledge about what could keep you from exhausting your highest potential. Association: Coral reefs. Transcendent meaning: Gift of protection, - knowledge about it, as you keep yourself from achieving your spiritual aims. The coral can be a protective stone for the dream time.


Symbol for 'nice experiences' in the feeling area. Water is always a symbol for emotional - the coral has there her living space. Corals are the symbol for warmth and feeling warmth. The dreaming longs for a quiet, harmonious life without quarrel and differences. Maybe he has even the wish to escape from the reality. An other interpretation possibility consists in the fact that one has not freed himself of the last relationship yet completely and still feels the old attachment.



  • see or own: do not visit the water intentionally, it brings you danger,
  • see in real life: a mysterious experience waits for you.

(European ones).:

  • deeply dark red or black ones: mean blood and forecast an accident or illness, perhaps also incest, - grief, - to infidelity,
  • red ones: stand for dear feelings,
  • white or rasa corals: if positive inspirations register, a lot of inspiration and intuition, one should maintain pleasant experiences in the interpersonal area, all these arrangements furthermore,
  • coloured corals: Signs for the persistent friendship which offers you with annoyance always shelter,
  • for a woman forecasts carrying a coral necklace in the dream the return of an old friend, - or the reunion of a former lover.


  • carry: your shops are quickly finished,
  • see: you will find out grief.

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