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You are the horse - they are well supplied and have got your 'living space assigned', but your individual clearance is possibly as 'ample' as a middle belt. The dream symbolises a (possible) decision before which you could soon stand: Either one risks 'the jump in the uncertain' and 'runs for it fences down' - or you 'tear yourselves in the strap', 'rein' your wishes and ambitions and come to an arrangement with the scanty elbowroom under 'pasture surfaces' close to welfare. Who remarkably has often similar dreams, stands immediately before a decisive situation.



  • for horses: Wealth and luck.

(European ones).:

  • does not speculate, or one will lose, - the news about an engagement will surprise to one, - own desire for freedom makes doubt to the partner. One shows him that one stands still to him.

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