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The headgear is after C. G. Jung in the dream, like the clothes, a symbol for the 'Persona' of the dreaming, i.e. for it like he present themselves in the occupation and compared with his environment. Her meaning can also be accordingly ambiguously. According to situation it can concern suitable or inappropriate state signs (cap of the judge, red cap of the railway official, cylinders of the chimney sweep etc.). See Freud saw in the headgear or the hat as a vision a male sexual symbol. This meaning can also though have to the care in the dream, headgear, however, in general so would be to be interpreted too unilaterally.


(European ones).:

  • see a valuable one: there wave fame and success,
  • see old or ragged ones: one must deliver his possession to others.
(See also clothes, helmet, care etc.)

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