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It is the sign that the sun sinks and the night comes along. The time is over to realise a plan, maybe the unconscious thinks to have to copy hope. One checks exactly whether one stands really still with whole soul to a plan. Go now more inwards, look for more rest and relaxation to regenerate declining energy. In nice weather it is also in the dream 'well weather Offering', so desirable fulfilment, dear luck, possibly also financial betterment and concludes therefore almost always also by the pleasant events which appeal to the mind.



  • receive a bad news, - returns the soul peace, - for sick people: beginning recovery,
  • sombre ones: mental charges depress to one,
  • see in cloudy sky: your luck will be gone cloudy by grief,
  • in pure cloudless sky: happy and healthy days will blossom to you,
  • golden light of the evening sky: Removal of financial worries or pleasant things in close future.

(European ones).:

  • could be interpreted as a token for a beginning darker time of the life,
  • in the cloudy sky: Grief, annoyance or incommodities stand in a queue,
  • cloudless, as a conclusion of a wholesome dream: if soul peace, peace of mind and heart peace or a beginning recovery registers.
(See also evening,' dusk')

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