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Great mullein

medicine wheel:

Key words: Helpfully, - many-sided, - silky, - woollen structure, - skin-charmingly, - reassuringly, - calming, - moon of the flying ducks. Description: The great mullein, in the medicine wheel the plant totem in the moon of the flying ducks (from the 23rd of September to the 23rd of October) to Born, is a helpful and many-sided plant which can reach a height of about one and a half metres and is concluded at her upper end by a flower umbel similar to lance whose blossoms are ordinarily yellow, sometimes, however, can be also red, violet or red-brown. The great mullein is one not only in North America a widespread plant. From the sheets a tea can be prepared calmed which the mucous membranes and, in addition, also against nephritic disturbances, bubbles disturbances and liver disturbances as well as against nervousness should help. Also by lung disturbances and heart disturbances a positive effect was repeated after the great mullein. North American Indians smoke the sheets of the great mullein or burn them as Räucherung to fight thus against blood traffic jam in the lungs. The oil won from the great mullein can serve as an ear drop and reduces with external applying pain of bruises, Verstauchungen and grazes. General meaning: Investigation of the soft, calming, velvety aspect of your personality, - also the investigation of your skin-lovely, tiresome, woollen part, - extremes, - between irritability and joy sway. Association: King, - candle. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the appeasement, reassurance and the understanding.

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