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Confectioner (oh)


Almost never a symbol - almost always the 'psychic revenge' for a physical 'withdrawal symptom' - also diet called! One dreams of nibbling - whether with it erotic pleasures (and the 'sweetness of the love') are meant or, nevertheless, the cream gateau would be the fulfilment of the covetous dream, depends on after which one 'pines away'. Anyway it is about a 'sweet sin' - and has the tip that one itself already too long castigates itself. And now it goes to the preserves: ', But please with cream!' The man who has to offer sweet things lets hopes wake up that one can enter into a more carefree life phase. Confectioner indicates (oh) often also boredom because one is isolated by own fault of others. Who sits in the dream in a pastry shop, searches relations with the other gender. He loves the recollections of it and stays with pleasure in the interareas (between professional life and everyday life).



  • secret dear meeting.

(European ones).:

  • or pastry shop: warns about waste, - one will have boredom,
  • sit in one: one searches relations with the other gender,
  • in many eat a lot of cake: if also brings in the reality a stomach illness,
  • serve in one: one will lose his independence,
  • a dirty one: a person who spends herself as a friend badly talks about one.


  • you will have boredom, because by your coarse behaviour your friends and relatives to you are not well-meaning any more.
(See also 'bakers', 'cheeks', 'cakes')

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