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Many visions return romantic recollections. In days of yore lovers often exchanged memory. If one owns in the dream such a memory to love the ability thus verbildlicht and to be loved. If acts a dream of an object which is very valuable for the dreaming and was given him by another person, this vision releases the look at the beauty generally. It is the typical reminiscent dream. He points out to the fact that one edges out something - or over and over again has pushed open and has forgotten, finally, what was originally important. An object which connects the dreaming with his past reminds him also of what he was able of once and who he was at that time. Sometimes it is also a symbol for (in own life) the essential topic with which one does not want to deal presently, however. Spiritually: A memory stands in the dream as a symbol of the love.


(European ones).:

  • receive or give away a forthcoming, mostly feeling-stressed and very happy event announces.
  • by a friend are asked for it and do not give: considerable difficulties.

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