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Devotion site


A devotion site in the dream is associated often with shelter and mental security. Such a dream can also indicate the wish for a higher guidance in the life of the dreaming. The participation in a religious ritual in the dream can mean joy and satisfaction and, therefore, is a positive message. If one avoids in the dream a religious building or a devotion, this can be a sign for guilt because of a known crime and is, therefore, of negative meaning. The other means a religious building in the dream that to a moral question walk around in the head. One is up maybe against an ethical dilemma and looks for guidance. In days of yore it was said about dreams with holy buildings that they show the self-esteem of the dreaming.


(European ones).:

  • under construction located ones see: one will make a present to a beloved person.
(See also altar, saints, church, priest)

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