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Hummingbird (bird)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Quickly, - wonderfully, - lively, - musically, - holy, - secret, - healing, - joy, - perseverance, - clarity, - eastern soul path. Description: The hummingbird is associated in the medicine wheel with the external position of the eastern soul path and with the clarity. Hummingbirds are tiny, wonderful birds who live on insects as well as on nectar which they take up with her long beak of the reason of the blossom. With it they support the plant with the reproduction. If they stop in the air about the blossom, her wings hit up to 90 spot in the second and cause a humming noise. In addition, they can fly like helicopter forward, backward, upwards and down. The wings of the small birds shimmer in the sunlight often in all rainbow colours. Hummingbirds are not only very quick, but also are patient really. People and hummingbirds in the United States take pleasure each other: People spoil the birds with sugared water, and the birds inspire them as a countermove with her beauty. General meaning: Your ability to venture with your energy in the centre of a thing - Negativitšt from a situation extract, the things clearer and more purely make than they were before, - venture as the heart of the thing. Association: Flying diamond. Transcendent meaning: A healing, in particular of an old wound or an abscess, - a gift which brings the contradictory elements in a person or between several people in correspondence, - a messenger who can introduce you other creation empires.


(European ones).:

  • present, joy, - also: Trip in a foreign country and successful shops there. also: The superior has at the moment no good opinion of one. One can move himself with him again in the right light, while one proves his competence and knowledge.

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