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A piston in the dream can show sexual activity or the sexual desire. As a dream symbol he points rather to a mechanical act, than on a dear act. This shows his setting to his sexuality to the dreaming maybe. In the dream of a woman a piston can reveal her fear to be injured sexually. Maybe she feels used and misses tenderness. In the dream of a man such a vision can point to his identity feeling and to his masculinity. If the piston is not stiff, his fear of impotence is possibly hidden behind it. In the dream of a woman this picture could conclude by a lack of trust in her partner. A piston can also symbolise the striving for success. Maybe the dreaming must strengthen his efforts if he wants to achieve his aim really. Possibly he will recognise that a concentrated strain which can be rather mechanical receives a more creative mark in this stage. A piston which is only one part of a machine needs the remaining components of the engine if he should produce achievement. Fuel is not least necessary if the dreaming must act in a certain development stage mechanically.


The spiritual desire that the desire for comprehensive is called needs an entire application, and the chances of success for the dreaming stand better if he uses his resources properly.


(European ones).:

  • as a weapon: Luck and honouring.
(See also engine)

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