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medicine wheel:

Key words: Wildly, - smartly, - holy, - profane, - singer, - survival, - perseverance, - adaptability, - fast, - howling, - Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind. Description: The coyote, in the medicine wheel with the south and with Shawnodese, the southern guardian of the mind, linkedly, was a figure with strong symbolic power for many people close to the earth. Mostly he became as a trick artist, sometimes also as the clown looked who was put holy as well as profane. The coyote is a relative of the wolf and seems in western North America. He sings a wild, nightmarish and unforgettable song and is able, almost everybody To survive situation. The coyote is an omnivore and an important component of the ecosystem, because rodents put out a big portion of his food. Because he could spread out during the last years increasingly, people try in some parts of the country, the coyotes for this fear what they are and explain to remit again laws which they release to the firing. If this happens, it could be good that the coyote becomes like the buffalo an animal threatened by the extinction. General meaning: Must be tricked to grow, - are tricked to help you in the wax, - the aspect of the trick artist in your own nature, - the natural world which to the person consider is, - a look at that what is natural in you, - survival artist. Association: Embodiment of the cowardice. Transcendent meaning: The coyote can be a trick artist, a symbol of the ambivalence. Meet this symbol with care. As with the clown that may also be with the coyote for what he encourages you exactly this what you should do, or the exact opposite. Medicine Eagles apprenticeship: Trick artist, - adaptability, - tempts us to see.

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