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Association: - Matter in the raw state, - warm spring, - potential diamonds. Question: - Which potentials do I carry in myself?


Coal is partially understood in the sense by material possession for which one strives. Therefore, a big heap of coal allows to expect financial profit. However, often she stands as an energy source for mental-spiritual values like wisdom which one has won from former experiences and from which one scoops now 'energy'. If they burn in the dream brightly, concludes by a delighted event. If they smolder, however, only under big production of smoke, our future planning is endangered or grief stands in the house. Glowing coal should stand after old dream interpretation for luck and satisfaction, point expired to grief in a love relationship. If one heats with coal, warns often about waste.



  • see or shovel: a plentiful living,
  • of stacked coal heaps: one must do not worry around his future,
  • coal heap, in general: big property,
  • already in the fire recumbent: a very eventful time approaches,
  • coal fire: dangerous speeches hold,
  • annealing ones: do not deal with things which can easily damage to you, - also: hot, tender love, - also: one will be shamed,
  • stand on it: you are impatient,
  • burnt: one will get by defamation in difficulties,
  • coal powder: your wealth melts away.

(European ones).:

  • see: promises plentiful success, a lot of food, - wealth and luck,
  • dull coal: if means annoyance and disappointments,
  • handle with it: if unclouded joy,
  • promises
  • act with it: a good symbol for prosperity,
  • on coal sit: one waits impatiently for something,
  • red annealing ones: with positive dream events they announce an unexpected luck, - you are loved dearly, - with negative visions: one will have to be ashamed for an action, - also: if pleasure and many pleasant changes announces in the life,
  • heat with it: if a misfortune tells in,
  • are in a coal pit: if danger for business and disappointment means in the love.


  • expired ones: Lovesickness torments you,
  • annealing ones: you are contented with your profit.
(See also diamond, money)

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