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Symbol for an easy, original food - also spiritual ones.


The so-called white vegetables mean futile hopes because they weight with and sonders the stomachs and have no nutritional value. Sick person and travellers prophesy them surgical interventions and wounds, caused by iron because one chops these vegetable kinds.



  • see: Grief, sullenness and desperation,
  • grow Kohl: cosy life, - also: one carries to you senseless gossip,
  • harvest: quickly transient profit,
  • eat: unwieldy advancement, - you will have to suffer hunger,
  • see cabbage garden or enter: Annoyance in the excess get, - annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • or cabbages see: indicates at wealth and luck, - health and long life, - also: bring bad, - events can overturn only in such a way,
  • see greening: if this points to infidelity and adultery,
  • cabbages take a short-cut: Jealousy,
  • plant: if promises a good life,
  • chop up: one sinks because of extravagance deeper and deeper in the downfall,
  • eat: unexpected grief, loss and illness.


  • plant: by your own guilt you have got in need,
  • grow: cosy life,
  • eat: unwieldy advancement,
  • see: Annoyance.
(See also 'vegetables')

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