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Earlier was interpreted the dream of a suitcase than forthcoming trip, possibly for longer time. Suitcase (travel pocket) is sometimes connected really with a planned trip and then must not be interpreted mostly further. Today, because travelling has become something everyday, it lies closer to see the dream symbol suitcase than depository for not used things. Hence, he stands for old, long ago outdated or still unmature ideas and images which can be unpacked one day to own use. The other he points to problems and charges which the dreaming on his life trip has to carry or should undertake. The picture points out here to the fact that he should argue more with his problems. Some people behave like hamster and preserve all possible junk, he is up to material or spiritual nature, long time. If in the dream a suitcase seems, this can also mean that it is in the time to open the 'lid' and to raise the courage to sort out the retired things. Mostly the dream of a suitcase appears as repeated, because the person is basically ready though to discard useless, manages with the actual realisation, however, less well. If the dreaming finds an object of value, as for example a precious stone in the suitcase, this means that he can bump into a lot of good if he brings to a personal 'spring-cleaning'. If he loses the suitcase in the dream, this is not called possibly that he has got rid of the difficulties, but that one thinks not enough about his problems, them edged out. However, sexual needs can often also appear in it or in particular cases one is maybe pointed out to a secret.


At the spiritual level a suitcase means in the dream that the dreaming must investigate the concealed depths of itself.



  • see general: you must make up for missed in a great hurry,
  • see emptying, pack or own: a quick trip start,
  • to full ones see or own: Presents receive, - come to regular relations,
  • others see packing: one should think over the relation to his friends and try to make themselves from them not too much dependent, because one is put in the case of emergency on himself,
  • carry: in the quarrel break up,
  • talk: Joy in the house,
  • suitcase keys lose: you stand before close doors.

(European ones).:

  • see: bad news, - also: stand for travelling with unhappy course,
  • see and/or shop: one will find out a secret,
  • to open ones see: warns about thieves,
  • receive one given: if brings a pleasant surprise,
  • pack: a forthcoming nice trip,
  • a badly packed suitcase: if promise set-tos and a hectic trip which causes only discontent
  • of empty suitcases: forecasts disappointments in the love and marriage,
  • a representative the contents of a suitcase checks
  • thoroughly: if advantageous registers, - one for the product to small suitcase: he will be soon carried and his wishes soon fullly,
  • A young woman who cannot open her suitcase in the dream will take care of a well-to-do man, not get him, however. If she cannot close her suitcase, it will not be able to start a nice trip.


  • see: your trip must be still pushed open a little.
(See also 'luggage', 'trip', 'luggage')

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