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Association: - Preparation of food. Question: - What do I feed in myself or in others?


So that the dreaming makes headway in his life successfully, he must compose maybe certain parts of his existence in a new manner. If the dreaming deals in his dream with bone, these circumstances are underlined. Talents must be fed and be maintained if they should not atrophy. It can also mean that he wants to prepare food or satisfy hunger which can be here for something more subtle, as for example the wish to use an open chance properly. If one sees himself cooking, a family party could be by view, - if others cook, an invitation stands maybe in the house. Mostly, however, circumscribe these both pictures that one cooks, perhaps, before fury or wants to prepare his little soup by the fire more different which cook also only with water.


At the spiritual level cooking in the dream can symbolise a high degree of creativity.



  • see: a glad festivity in view have,
  • even: do not deal with things which you do not understand, otherwise, you could damage to you yourself, - also: you have loaded friends.

(European ones).:

  • see or cook: if promises a wedding or a good part, - also: a pleasant job, - one will receive visit from many friends,
  • with sullenness cook: irritating or disappointing things can pass it.


  • see: one will invite you to a baptism,
  • even: you will give other pleasure.
(See also Koch,' kitchen')

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