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Cook / cook


Cook (cook) expresses that one must process experiences and results consciously, so that they load no longer, - this is mostly understood as a tip to a favorable idiom in the life. He is the soul cook who moves forward to us either a murky little soup on which we have to choke in the awake life quite a lot, or he satisfies our desire for the food which provides for life energy ('hunger is the best cook'). It is a matter of thinking that many cooks can spoil the mash. Cooks are proverbially freakish and irritable: Does this possibly also apply to own present state of mind? What has this 'procured' in the dream? Is one maybe quite excessive around the protection of somebody which is close to one, does procure? For poor people it is a favorable dream to have own cook. He indicates industriousness which will be crowned by success. If one himself is the cook, the dream refers to the whole lifestyle and points to change of the personality in terms of advancement. This can also mean that one needs love and allowance - or however, that one should distribute both more generously. Follow which dishes you cook whether food succeeds, the meal behind accepts.


A cook in the house brings to marrying luck, - then in weddings one needs him. Also to arms, - then the rules which dine in richly occupied board occupy a cook. He indicates sick person increases, inflammations and a changeable mixture of the juices by which to itself in the opinion of the experts bitter bilious river forms, - finally, he means tears because of the smoke which originates at his work. He brings the concealed and confidential machinations he lays the table because the arts of a cook are dished up and are moved forward the guests and her quality becomes obvious in this manner.



  • see or speak: you must watch out for waste and Naschhaftigkeit, - also: if a confidential machination announces, - which is uncovered, in the end
  • be: long trouble for small wage,
  • cook: good views, - satisfaction and luck.

(European ones).:

  • see Koch: promises good times, - brings joy,
  • cook: you will take part in an excursion to the country,
  • see cooking cook: regular relations,
  • dismiss: one will have to limit his issues,
  • be: if brings a pleasant surprise.


  • see: unfavorable news.
(See also hunger, recipe)

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