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Association: - Gang, - entanglement, - complication, - restriction, - cohesion. Question: - What is connected in me? What want I to connect? What do I fear to connect? What do I fear to connect? Where are the hands bound to me?


If appears to the dreaming a knotted rope, a cord or string which is knotted thickly, a problem which seems to him insoluble loads him. The solution can be 'worked out' step by step. If one unties something, one will reach bit by bit to better examination. Alexander the tallness lashed out to the legend at the gordischen knots simply with the sword in two and solved in such a way them, apparently insoluble job. Who touches it the world conqueror in the dream, catching fire ideas and realisation maturity plans will help that to the success. The vision of the knot can show to the dreaming that there is quite a simple solution for his problem. If the dreaming sees an easy knot in his dream, this his need could explain to smash another direction with a plan. A complicated knot possibly refers to the fact that he is blocked in a situation by a feeling of obligation or guilt. The dreaming probably needs to loosen his integration in the respect with another person or in a working situation merely in such a case. In his positive meaning a knot can symbolise the gang which connect the dreaming with his family, his friends or the work.


At this level stands of the knots in the dream for spiritual continuity or connection.



  • see: synonymous with different embarrassment or involvements in which one gets,
  • make in a string or a cord in: a muddled situation which was arranged by own guilt, - one will have trouble to fix again everything
  • attach: you will embarass your next surroundings, - also: loyal love which leads to the marriage,
  • dissolve: you have to disentangle in the next future complicated relations, - also: Success with difficult matters.


  • difficulties with a person being close to the dreaming are to be expected, unless, he succeeded in the dream in solving to the knots. In principle the sign wants to inform him that his living conditions are more complicated than he would like to admit.

(European ones).:

  • registers that one might come not without fight by the life, further on an involvement or embarrassment, - also: if big worries about insignificant things forecast,
  • see a knotted string: one has caused himself a muddled situation,
  • bind one: stands for independence, - one will not admit to be criticised by a bad-tempered friend,
  • dissolve: means that one can escape involvements or dissolve, finally, - brings the fulfilment of a wish,
  • cut one: one will remove with a radical solution a problem,
  • a loose knot: one should maintain the connections with a concerning person better,
  • for a woman says this if her lovers note another man, will be able to reprimand you him immediately.


  • solve: your wishes come true, - perseverance will allow to you progress,
  • attach: Confusion of an important matter,
  • see: Load and poverty surround you.
(See also hero,' ball')

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