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Association: - produce. Question: - What comes out of my inside?


Indicates to dream of a bud that the dreaming unfolds to live a new kind, new experience gains or gets to know new feelings. New ideas and ways of thinking rescue a big potential which the dreaming has not tapped up to now. The bud reveals maybe growing love with which one keeps himself, however, still overcast. If the bud dies or it wilts, this points to the failure of a plan. If a bud is beaten off, an up to now hearty relation can possibly cloud.


At the spiritual level the bud in the dream symbolises the world developing before the dreaming in her whole Beeinflußbarkeit.



  • see: the entry of a beneficial future, - a new life begins which will recently turn out end as right and profitable and will bring many experiences with itself, - also: tender preparation of love, - also pregnancy, - (31, 41)
  • break off: an important plan will fail.

(European ones).:

  • new love and engagement, nice thing and luck.


  • see: Love, engagement, fulfilment of your heart's desires.
(See also flowers, germ)

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