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The button holds together something, and thus this symbol is also mostly to be understood. Maybe one is also 'buttoned up'? Then one closes mind before the sensations which would require openness. It is not about clothes if one dreams of buttons and buttonholes, but around 'restricting images' - or around an 'open way of thinking'.



  • see or own: one may expect profit and good future,
  • break off: Love affair, - also: forthcoming annoyance,
  • lose: a sensitive capital loss, - also: To thief's scuffle go towards,
  • annähen: hold together your things better, - also: Before and love,
  • even annähen: one will make progress in the occupation,
  • for man, themselves unbutton a garment with the left hand: one should not count too much on the sincerity of the friends, because from this circle a rival could easily arise to himself around his woman,
  • for woman, themselves unbutton a garment with the left hand: she should be careful, so that she does not come by carelessness to difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • promise a bad contact which one should absolutely avoid, - one cannot trust to the firmness of his character, - also: if a secure situation can embody,
  • see for a woman: if brings money, - advantages,
  • angenähte see: the things will well fit together in the next time and lead to a success if one uses, besides, strength and diligence,
  • see for a man: Delays or difficulties in dear problems,
  • more loose: stands for a small failure,
  • break off: if annoyance announces,
  • more ragged: can point to a ragged connection,
  • lose one: either one really loses an object, or, however, one is robbed, - infidelity means in the love,
  • many lose and if the trousers threaten to slide, losses stand in the business in the house,
  • annähen: one will strengthen his professional position or can improve,
  • shining to a uniform annähen: promises to a young woman affectionate feelings of a good-looking and rich husband, - this military honour and a shining career forecasts to a youngster.
  • angenäht agree: one receives protection,
  • dull or leinene: stand for disappointments, losses and bad health,
  • buttons stand now and again also for coins which take one, but will be economical on useless fast again.


  • break off: you will have to be angry with your children,
  • see: you should be warned about your setting.
(See also needle,' dressmaking')

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